June 28th, 2010 70k

Newsflash! I just reached to 70,000 tracks on last.fm!!

So in celebration – here’s a nice, long, cringy blog post about my top ten artists:

  1. Modest Mouse 1,401

    I listen to this band in the same way that I eat Lasange. I get into them and think to myself ‘why do I bother listening anything else?’, then after a while I forget all about them. This has happened countless times – which is probably why they’re number one.

  2. Lucky Dragons 1,399

    I started listening to Lucky Dragons last year when I was getting into mountain biking. There is something minimal and engaging about their stuff that seems to suit playing about on my bike.

  3. A Silver Mt. Zion 1,271

    I got into SMZ because I was feeling rubbish from a break-up and it seemed to make me feel “Awesomely Rubbish”, which seems better. This is particularly impressive, as their songs are super long. (apart from tracks 1-12 of 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons I guess!)

  4. Aphex Twin 1,263

    For a while – I thought that ‘Window Licker’ was all I really needed to listen to. I used to listen to Aphex Twin a lot when I needed to be great at things.

  5. Xiu Xiu 1,241

    I was firmly obsessed with Xiu Xiu for the last 3 months of Uni – not really listened to them much since. I’m maybe a bit scared to.

  6. Four Tet 1,150

    When I think of Four Tet I think of studying quietly with Matthew in his room; which is odd, since it only really happened that once.. Maybe it’s something to do with me now having his CD.

  7. Do Make Say Think 1,141

    Yesssss, I find DMST’s elegance and energy massivly inspiring. I was so happy when I found them.

  8. Sigur Rós 1,111

    I think the main reason that I used to listen to Sigur Rós so much was all about feeling peaceful. I used to listen to “Takk…” when I was going sleep a lot (I’m going to be doing that tonight).

  9. Final Fantasy 1,057

    Owen Pallet (Final Fantasy) is one of the best musicians I’ve ever seen, it was crazy to see the spectrum of sounds he could make with his violin. When I’ve listened to his albums a lot – it’s been partly through enjoying the music and also a fascination with how he does it.

  10. Dan Deacon 998

    I love Dan Deacon with all my heart.