June 1st, 2010 Swap&Give

Jumble Swap&Give has been “in the pipeline” for quite some time now.

It’s a site where you can where you can sell things to make money for a charity of your choice;  kind of like a charity shop (but without the shop).

Anyway – just now all the posting item functionality is closed off to ‘private beta’; until I’ve found a good way of making sure that users “are cool” and not just going to rob everyone – though the idea is still there for lookies.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Also,  if you are at all interested (i.e. if you run a charity or something) please give me a shout.

Oh,  and lastly (the actual reason why I started writing this).  I totally wasn’t going to put this live yet, there are so many things that I wanted to ‘work out’ before I did (this will probably be a joke in some browsers).  But then I thought to myself “I should probably just do it” – so I did.  And, um – there’s hopefully more to come on that front.

Here’s a playlist; Yeah.